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Calgary Pre Rolls

Calgary Pre Rolls Delivery

Find the best cannabis pre-rolls in Calgary in our online dispensary! We carry many different strains so you have a wide variety of choices to pick from. All orders over $50 get FREE delivery fees!

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Take a look at all of the products available in our cannabis dispensary. We carry incredible edibles, cannabis strains, and shatter to choose from. Browse our wide selection of products on our shop page.

Pre-Rolled Joint Packs

Our HOTBOX pre rolled joint packs come with seven premium rolled joints packaged in a convenient sliding box case. Looking to try a new strain? Take a look at our joint packs to see if we have the strain you are looking for! 

Moonwalker Premium Moonrock Joints

Try our popular Moonwalker Twax Cones that are LOADED with 1.75g of THC and high-quality extracts. These pre-rolled joints are insanely powerful and pack a big punch. Give one of our Moonwalkers a try today!

Hot Box (3 Pack) - Goudaberry Pre Rolls

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Hot Box (3 Pack) - Blueberry Pre Rolls

Rated 0 out of 5

Hot Box (3 Pack) - Pink OG Pre Rolls

Rated 0 out of 5

Hot Box (3 Pack) - Gascotti Pre Rolls

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Hot Box (3 Pack) - Kush Mint Pre Rolls

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Hot Box (3 Pack) - Guava Cake Pre Rolls

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Magma – Cold Cure Hash Rosin

Magma is our proprietary cold cure live rosin.  Pure solventless cannabis extractions flash frozen to protect those terps.

Welcome to Calgary’s best weed dispensary.  We offer cannabis and other medical grade cannabis products to Calgary and surrounding areas.  Enjoy high quality weed at budget bud pricing.  Find the best prices and ounce specials daily.  Sales on weed? You found them, no coupons needed.  Enjoy our cheap buds through high quality premium craft cannabis, all delivered to your place in Calgary same day, free.  We are Calgary’s quickest and best priced weed dispensary that offers delivery. Order online in seconds today.

Best Selling Rosin

Find the best weed in Calgary’s best online dispensary.  Buy our top selling weed strains, edibles and weed products here.


Find all the information you will ever need about cannabis pre rolls in our convenient FAQ section. We believe that every customer should be educated about cannabis, so take the time to go over each section.

DISCLAIMER: Always consume cannabis edibles in a safe environment and with friends or family. Do not operate machinery or try to drive after consumption.

What are Cannabis Pre Rolls?

Cannabis pre rolls are joints made from cannabis and rolled up by a professional rolling team or machine and sold commercially. 

All of our pre rolls are sourced from the best cannabis strains on the market so you can count on the quality that YYC provides.

Pre rolled joints packs are quickly becoming the most popular cannabis product on the market due to its convenience and easy-of-use.

Woman rolling a cannabis pre roll on a plate

Can I Get My Pre Rolls Delivered?

YYC Weed Delivery has a wide assortment of pre roll products available for delivery. Any of the pre-rolls on our store are available for delivery. 

All of our orders over $50 get FREE delivery! We have the best delivery fees (or lack of) in the city. You can depend on YYC to get you your weed quickly, safely, and reasonably priced.

We also deliver cannabis edibles, tinctures, extracts like shatter, and by the ounce.

For more information, contact our customer support and we would be happy to help.

Is a 3- Pack or 7-Pack Right for Me?

Our pre rolled joint packs come in two different sizes: 3-packs and 7-packs.

The price for a 3-pack is $25 and the price for a 7-pack is $50. Prices may vary depending on the strain.

All of our pre rolls are made with premium cannabis from our amazing suppliers across the province.

You can count on YYC Weed Delivery to provide an exceptional experience when working with us. We love our customers and our products, and want nothing more than the two to meet!

Can I get my pre rolls delivered in Calgary?

Still Need Help?

Call our support if you still need help picking a product or want more information. We are here to help you make the right decision for your needs.

Calgary Weed Delivery

Weed vape THC vapeCBD vapeDisposable vape?  Vape cart with weed in it? We have it all, and we deliver too – find a variety of cannabis cartridges that work with 510 thread batteries inside our vape shop!

High THC Edibles

Buy edibles in Calgary.  Our weed dispensary offers high THC edibles, strong edibles and a variety of weed chocolate, gummies candy, baked goods and other tasty weed infused treats.

Calgary Weed Delivery

Cheap Weed

Budget Bud Pricing, High Quality Weed

Looking to buy cheap weed in Calgary?  Our pricing lets you enjoy high quality strains for budget bud prices.  This is where you are going to find all of our up to date sales, coupons and deals on weed in Calgary.  

We regularly update special ounce deals!   Buy high quality weed at cheap weed pricing.  Check back daily as we frequently discount a variety of strains so you can try new genetics for cheaper!  Rotating deals help you discover and try out new buds. Check out our Calgary Weed Delivery menu here.

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