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MyBudPlace Alternative: MyBudPlace vs YYC Weed Delivery

MyBudPlace Review

MyBudPlace offers dried flower, cannabis edibles, extracts, vape pens, and mushrooms on their website, also offering some deals on some of these products. MyBudPlace has a delivery service to people in Calgary, Airdire, Cochrane, and Chestermere. Free delivery for people in Calgary on orders $100+, also having $10 delivery fee for orders that do not meet the $100 minimum, and areas outside of Calgary have free delivery on orders $150+, the consumers that do not meet the $150 have a $20 delivery fee. They are open from 10am-830pm MST.

MyBudPlace Dispensary

MyBudPlace offers many different products for their customers to choose from, such as dried flower, edibles, extracts, magic mushrooms and more, but only having a limited selection for flower.

MyBudPlace Loctions

MyBudPlace only states that there are in Calgary, not having a location on their website or google. YYCWeedDelivery is located in the center of Calgary to ensure we get to your doorstep within 90 minutes of order placement- did we mention our amazing lineup of cheap weed?

MyBudPlace Weed & Products

MyBudPlace has a very limited flower selection, offering sativa, hybrid, and indica strains but only having 8 different strains of flower, most being overpriced as well. Most ounces are priced over $100 except one that is on special for $79, they let you order weights as low as 1g if you do not choose to want to buy an ounce for those prices. Overall the flower section of this online dispensary lacks in variety and pricing.

MyBudPlace excels in the concentrate department offering many different types of extracts, such as shatter, hash, live resin, and oil. Shatter being the most stocked product, selling 16 strains of shatter all priced at $40 per gram. All other concentrates on the website are limited to only a few selections per category. YYCWeedDelivery has better pricing on shatter where it is only $35 per gram of Limitless Labs extracts and CAKED extracts.

MyBudPlace has many different types of weed edibles ranging from cannabis edibles to magic mushroom edibles, all varying in strength and price. They offer marijuana beverages, gummies, chocolate, and CBD edibles. Cannabis edibles are cheaper than the mushroom ones but also depends on the desired strength the consumer wishes to purchase. prices ranging from $15-$40 for cannabis edibles and $20-$75 for mushroom edibles. YYCWeedDelivery offers cannabis edibles and not mushrooms edibles, but the edibles on YYC are cheaper and have a wider variety of gummies to choose from.

MyBudPlace offers magic mushrooms on their website as well, not the actual mushrooms but sells them in an edible form for the people that don’t like the taste of mushrooms by themselves. Offering chocolate, gummies, and capsules of the magic shrooms. All varying in strength and price, starting at 1000mg-14000mg all differently priced and different edibles to choose from. YYCWeedDelivery only offer magic mushrooms at the moment and not the edibles form of them just pure mushrooms for the people that enjoy tera or making the edibles yourself.

MyBudPlace Prices

MyBudPlace prices are a little over priced for flower, edibles, extracts. Cheapest ounce of flower being at $79 on because it is on special, most expensive ounce at $230, all other ounces priced at over $100. 1 gram of shatter is priced at $40, $5 more than YYCWeedDelivery is charging per gram. The Pricing on edibles varies between what you want and how strong you want it, MyBudPlace offers marijuana and mushroom edibles on their website, priced between $15-$75 depending if you want magic mushroom edibles or cannabis edibles.

MyBudPlace Alternative – YYCWeedDelivery

MyBudPlace is a great weed delivery service in Calgary but has a lot of cons at the same time such as delivery times and store selection for flower and other products. But a great alternative for MyBudPlace is YYCWeedDelivery offering delivery in only 90 minutes and free delivery on orders $30+, really puts MyBudPlace in a bad spot as they do not offer 90 minutes delivery and offering free delivery on orders $100+. YYC also has a way bigger dried flower category in out store offering way more than 8 strains on our website.

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