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Medicine Man AKA MedMan Alternative: Medicine Man vs YYC Weed Delivery

We know it can be difficult to find the perfect cannabis brand when there are so many out there. That’s why we have created this handy guide to help you pick the best weed delivery company. After researching numerous cannabis companies and their products, we found that Medicine Man and YYC Weed Delivery are the two leading competitors in this space. In this article, we will take a look at the pros and cons of each company as well as their prices, locations, products, and website usability to determine which one is right for you.

Medicine Man or MedMan dispensary has been delivering weed and offering Calgary cannabis dispensary deliveries for half a decade.  Their service extends across Calgary and they have managed to build a decent following over the past few years. As one of Calgary’s best known dispensaries let’s compare the services of Medman (Medicine Man) and YYC Weed Delivery to see which online dispensary in Calgary offers the best rates, quality and cannabis delivery services overall. 

Medman.store Reviews

There are a lot of reviews for this company online, many of which are positive. Customers have said that their customer service team is knowledgeable and helpful. They’re also said to have a large selection of products, including high-quality edibles and they deliver around Calgary. Their site does look like a cheap knock off of other cannabis delivery websites.

Medman.store Dispensary

Medicine Man is a  cannabis delivery shop in Calgary. They have a huge variety of Flower, Pre-rolled, edibles, concentrate, vape, CBD and accessories. Right to your front door. Calgary CBD delivery is the fastest most discrete way to enjoy your cannabis and weed product without the hassle of visiting a cannabis dispensary in Calgary. 

Medman.store Weed Dispensary

Medman.store only operates and delivers around Calgary. Their delivery time can be from 0-90 minutes depending on the day, the time of day & your location, but usually deliver within an hour. The hours of operation for Medman.store is 10 AM to 12 AM with limited support.

Medman.store Coupons

Medman.store carries a wide variety of products, including extracts, flowers, edibles, vapes, pre rolls, and CBD. They also offer premium pre rolls and premium “connoisseur” flower. They have different “trip specials” as well as a clearance section.

Medman.store Calgary Delivery

This company delivers around Calgary and surrounding areas. There is no delivery fee, however, there is a minimum order fee of $50. They will bring your products right to your front door. Remember, we deliver absolutely free on all orders over $100 at YYC Weed Delivery.

Medman.store Best Alternative – YYCWeedDelivery

If you can’t get your products from Medman.store, you might want to consider YYC Weed Delivery instead. YYC Weed Delivery is a company based in Calgary, too. They have a wide variety of products, too, including flowers, edibles, extracts, and mushrooms. They offer fast same-day delivery in Calgary and surrounding areas. YYC Weed Delivery has daily deals so you can save money on premium weed! A big difference is that YYC Weed Delivery shows the percentage of THC and gives descriptions of their flower so everyone knows what they purchasing.

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