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Is Calgary420Delivery Legit?

We did a review of Calgary420Delivery.ca and a few red flags stand out that you might want to know about! Read below to hear about Calgary420Delivery coupons, reviews and reputation in Calgary.

What is Calgary420Delivery?

Calgary420Delivery is a Calgary based cannabis delivery service. Their website launched in 2022, and you can find them on Google. With such a short time and no reputation in the cannabis deliveries space, we looked at a number of factors regarding their products, website security, website user experience, customer base, customer support and found a few areas that are quite alarming.

Calgary420Delivery Is Not Secure

After a review of the Calgary420Delivery website it is clear that the website content featured on their site has been copy and pasted from a number of other competing websites.

Reviews of Calgary420Delivery Are Written By Their Staff

Upon visiting Calgary420Delivery, you will notice an abundance of reviews clearly written by the team who launched the website just weeks ago. This is a common tactic used by local cannabis delivery services, and surely confuses the customer. It’s important to note that these reviews are written but the company itself, and hold no weight for consumer feedback.

Gauging the accuracy of online reviews is hard, but there’s a few ways you can make sure you’re reading the words of a customer.

  1. Check for verified purchaser reviews on products: Verified purchaser reviews are found on product listings. Users are required to buy the product, or their review will not show up. This is a sure fire way to know that the person writing the text has actually been a customer of the product.
  2. Check a Google Business Listing: Most legitimate cannabis dispensaries in Calgary will have a My Business Listing, which shows up on the right side or top when you Google a businesses name. These reviews are filtered heavily and most of the time can be trusted.
  3. Look for product reviewers who have used the service: If a website is displaying 5 – 10 5 star reviews, there must be some sort of presence on the internet in forums, on reddit, from product reviewers on the CMOM forums. Use google to take you to REAL product reviewers who have experienced these services.

The Product Looks Bad

Let’s be honest. The price really doesn’t matter if you’re buying absolute garbage. Pictures that accurately potray the products you are buying is really important. How many times have you ordered something online and something completely different shows up to your door? This tends to happen with websites such as Calgary420Delivery. The lack of interest in showing somewhat decent resolution pictures of what your buying is a symbol of the rest of the service you’re going to experience. Lazy, cut corners, and untrustworthy.

Is Calgary420Delivery.ca a Trusted Weed Delivery Service

We’ve reviewed multiple other dispensaries to see how we stack up. And while the competition is real in Calgary, Calgary420Delivery is not a service we would recommend shopping at. Their history is weeks, their website content is completely built from copy and pasting competitors content. With a high inventory turnover such as weed that has a shelf life, it’s important to have customer service you can talk to, this doesn’t exist. Their product pictures have little effort, and the claim that their referral program is unique is a lie to customers, nearly every delivery site in Calgary uses the same structure.

Should you trust Calgary420Delivery.ca – Absolutely not.

YYC Weed Delivery Is a Weed Delivery Service You Can Trust, Here’s Why!

  • The reviews are real.
  • We are featured on a number of high quality cannabis review and coupon sites that vet their directory listings – We maintain a high standard with these websites.
  • The product reviews on our website can only be left by verified purchasers.
  • We have a great reputation in Calgary. Chances are you know someone who as ordered from us. Just bring up YYC Weed Delivery to the cannabis community in Calgary and we are confident that you will find customers of ours in your circle.
  • Our referral program isn’t 100% unique to our website, but it works and many of our loyal customers use it frequently.
  • We have real staff standing by during business hours to ensure that you can talk to someone local who knows the products and has real suggestions for you based on your specific needs.

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