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Cannabismo Alternative: Cannabismo vs YYC Weed Delivery

Cannabismo Review

Cannabismo has a huge dispensary all their customer can view on their website, giving the option to choose from dried flower, edibles, extracts, and vape pens. Cannabismo does not offer a delivery service to their customer on strictly mail order marijuana in Canada, arriving to your house between 1-5 business days from ordering, having free shipping on orders $150+ or a flat rate of $15 to consumers that do not meet that minimum. Cannabismo offers deals on selected products around the store such as ounce deals, mix and match deals, and sampler products. The Cannabismo website does not state what their hours of operation are but our Calgary Dispensary does.

Cannabismo Dispensary

The Cannabismo website has a lot of different products for their customers to choose from, indica, sativa, and hybrid flowers, many different types of extracts and different types on edibles. Unfortunately more than half the items in each category are out of stock and do not say when they will be back in stock. Overall the dispensary has a good seclection for their consumers despite having half of the store out of stock.

Cannabismo Locations

Cannabismo does not specify a location on their website, not telling where there are located, only shipping orders to people. YYCWeedDelivery offer delivery in 90 minutes and located in the center of Calgary to ensure your order gets to your fast and efficient.

Cannabismo Weed & Products

Cannabismo offers a vast selection of different strains on their website they are selling indica, sativa, and hybrid strains, all ranging in different CBD/THC content, unfortunately a lot of strains are out of stock. Cannabismo prices for ounces are a little high offering some deals on flower and ounces, also having a mix & match deal on AAA and AAAA. Cannabismo lets you choose how much weight you want ranging from 2g-28g all ranging in different prices and some weights have a sale on the selected strain. Overall the flower section of Cannabismo is large, having pre-rolls and moonrock pre-rolls in the section as well, some item are over priced but making up for it in some deals around the store. Budget buds.

The concentrates section at Cannabismo is large having, shatter, live resin, vapes, hash, vapes, and more. Cannabismo has mostly shatter and hash in stock right now, having 32 different strains and brands of shatter but only have 12 in stock which makes the selection a lot smaller, most being priced at $40-$45 per gram. They also offer deals/sales on some products around the category, getting selected items at a discounted price. YYCWeedDelivery offer 22 different strains and brands of shatter, also only priced at $35 per gram. Offered at a cheaper price than Cannabismo.

Cannabismo offers candy, chocolate, gummies, and beverages in the edibles category, all having different THC/CBD content in them, also having some products on sale. Cannabismo also offers a strong edibles section in their edibles category, some products having more than 1000mg of THC. The edibles section at Cannabismo is big and has a lot of different items their customers can choose from. YYCWeedDelivery offers Forbidden Fruit gummies or Ganja edibles, having a smaller selection for their customer to choose from.

Cannabismo Prices

Cannabismo prices for ounces are a little high offering some deals on flower, ounces, and other selected item around the store, also having a mix & match deals on flower strains, meanwhile offering sales on other items around the store. They sell most ounces for over $100 unless having a deal or sale on it and shatter sells for $40-$45 a gram. YYCWeedDelivery offers cheaper ounces, and cheaper products. Selling shatter at only $35 a gram and ounces being sold at $79, it is hard to beat as a competitor to YYC

Cannabismo Alternative – YYCWeedDelivery

Cannabismo is a good dispensary despite a lot items not being in stock, they still do a goodjob at making a decent inventory for their customers. But YYCWeedDelivery is still a better dispensary offering better deals on ounces, and having a bigger selection around the store, also all items are in stock. YYC also offers a delivery service in Calgary, delivering your weed to your doorstep in 60 minutes or less, free delivery is also a lot cheaper than Cannabismo’s $150 rate, YYC has free delivery for $30+ way cheaper than what Cannabismo has to offer.

Looking for something new, or a strain you love?  Find it with our easy weed comparison tool here.

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