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Canna Mobile Alternative: Canna Mobile vs YYC Weed Delivery

Cannamobile Reviews

Overall Cannamobile dispensary near me has a wide variety in their shop, ranging from flower, edibles, extracts, CBD oils, mushrooms, and more. Cannamobile also offers daily deals, everyday of the week has a different deal Monday-Sunday, every daily deal corresponds to a category for their products, ie; Monday is magic mushroom day. You must order a a minimum for them to deliver to your house, $40 for middle calgary, $70 for the outside of downtown and surrounding areas, $100 for suburbs and minimum $150 for anywhere outside of Calgary, but also offer a no delivery fee if you meet minimum. They offer same day Calgary delivery and open Monday-Sunday 9am-9pm MST. Canna mobile dispensary customers love YYC Weed Delivery for our lightning fast delivery times and amazing products, oh and the best pricing.

Cannamobile Dispensary

Cannamobile offers many different strains in all of their categories, containing CBD products, concentrates, edibles, flower, magic mushrooms, pens, and pre-rolls. They have a very limited selection when it comes down to flower and are over priced. Out of the 11 strain they offer all/most cost $260 for an ounce. Outrages, that is almost full price at $10/g, even in bulk.

Cannamobile Locations

Cannamobile does not have a location, there is no guarantee on when your order will be delivered. They only state they are in Calgary. However they do offer their phone number and email as a way of contact if you inquire to do so.

YYC Weed Delivery is in the center on Calgary to ensure your orders get to your place in 60 minutes or less every time.

Cannamobile Weed & Products

Cannamobile offers flower at a high cost where all ounces are $260 a very limited stock for their customers to choose from. Only offering 11 strains, the website does state if it is an indica, sativa, or hybrid, and also offering the THC percentage on some of their strains. YYC Weed Delivery offers just about all the same strains at a way cheaper price, ie; Tuna Kush on Cannamobile is $260 an ounce where at YYC Weed Delivery Tuna Kush in only $99 for ounce. More than 50% cheaper than Cannamobile.

The concentrates that Cannamobile offers are high quality and offer a variety of concentrates you can get, they have budder, live resin, shatter, hash, and moonrocks. These products a variety of price points from $20 for hash to $70 for moonrocks. Still over priced in this section of their store; they are selling packs of 1 gram shatter for $45 where as YYC Weed Delivery is selling high quality shatter for just $35 a pack

Next we will bring you to the edibles section of Cannamobile, they have a big selection of edibles in their shop offering gummies, chocolate, and lollipops. The products THC and CBD content vary as well with the price of the products, they are selling 100mg-600mg products. The pricing for them all are not as overpriced as the last two categories I have reviewed but still not as good as YYC Weed Delivery pricing, but have a bigger selection than YYC Weed Delivery, YYC is only offering gummies at the moment.

Magic mushrooms on Cannamobile, They are selling only one strain of mushrooms called ‘Penis Envy’ at $60 for 7g. They also offer many different types on drinks, candies, pastries and capsules containing magic mushrooms. Ranging from $20-$90 depending on the potency of the product. This is where Cannamobile has YYC Weed Delivery beat, where wee do not sell magic mushrooms only cannabis and cannabis products. Canna mobile calgary.

Cannamobile Calgary Delivery

Cannamobile offers same day Calgary delivery and surrounding areas, you need a minimum order for them to deliver to you and increasing when you are further away from the center of Calgary. They are offering no delivery fee as long as you meet the criteria for the minimum. Canna mobile delivery service.

YYC Weed Delivery offers same day delivery in Calgary as well but also offers 60 minute delivery anywhere in Calgary and free delivery on all orders $30 and above.

Cannamobile Prices

Breakdown of pricing between each category, just a brief thing

Cannamobile Best Alternative – YYCWeedDelivery

Overall YYC Weed Delivery is the best choice for a Calgary weed delivery service, offering better prices, better flower and concentrate selection and quicker and easier check out and delivery. YYC Weed Delivery might not offer magic mushrooms or many different edibles but definitely has cheaper pricing for all products and proves to be the quicker delivery service. Canna mobile.

Pre Roll Delivery Calgary

Weed Delivery Calgary

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