Spiritleaf Dispensary Alternative: Spiritleaf VS YYC Weed Delivery

Spiritleaf Dispensary services Calgary and surrounding areas with walkin, retail cannabis. Since 2018, Spirit Leaf dispensaries have been popping up across Calgary in convenient locations to buy cannabis quick when weed delivery in Calgary is not available.

Spiritleaf dispensary reviews maintain an average rating for dispensary prices in Calgary.

Spiritleaf Prices

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YYC Weed Delivery

MyBudPlace Alternative: MyBudPlace vs YYC Weed Delivery

MyBudPlace Review

MyBudPlace offers dried flower, cannabis edibles, extracts, vape pens, and mushrooms on their website, also offering some deals on some of these products. MyBudPlace has a delivery service to people in Calgary, Airdire, Cochrane, and Chestermere. Free delivery for people in Calgary on orders $100+, also having $10 delivery fee for orders that do not meet the $!00 minimum, and areas outside of Calgary have free delivery on orders $150+, the consumers that do not meet the $150 have a $20 delivery fee. They are open from 10am-830pm MST.

MyBudPlace Dispensary

MyBudPlace offers many different products for their customers to choose from, such as dried flower, edibles, extracts, magic mushrooms and more, but only having a limited selection for flower.

MyBudPlace Loactions

MyBudPlace only states that there are in Calgary, not having a location on their website or google. YYCWeedDelivery is located in the center of Calgary to ensure we get to your doorstep within 1 hour of order placement.

MyBudPlace Weed & Products

MyBudPlace has a very limited flower selection, offering sativa, hybrid, and indica strains but only having 8 different strains of flower, most being overpriced as well. Most ounces are priced over $100 except one that is on special for $79, they let you order weights as low as 1g if you do not choose to want to buy an ounce for those prices. Overall the flower section of this online dispensary lacks in variety and pricing.

MyBudPlace excels in the concentrate department offering many different types of extracts, such as shatter, hash, live resin, and oil. Shatter being the most stocked product, selling 16 strains of shatter all priced at $40 per gram. All other concentrates on the website are limited to only a few selections per category. YYCWeedDelivery has better pricing on shatter where it is only $35 per gram of Limitless Labs extracts and CAKED extracts.

MyBudPlace has many different types of edibles ranging from cannabis edibles to magic mushroom edibles, all varying in strength and price. They offer marijuana beverages, gummies, chocolate, and CBD edibles. Cannabis edibles are cheaper than the mushroom ones but also depends on the desired strength the consumer wishes to purchase. prices ranging from $15-$40 for cannabis edibles and $20-$75 for mushroom edibles. YYCWeedDelivery offers cannabis edibles and not mushrooms edibles, but the edibles on YYC are cheaper and have a wider variety of gummies to choose from.

MyBudPlace offers magic mushrooms on their website as well, not the actual mushrooms but sells them in an edible form for the people that don’t like the taste of mushrooms by themselves. Offering chocolate, gummies, and capsules of the magic shrooms. All varying in strength and price, starting at 1000mg-14000mg all differently priced and different edibles to choose from. YYCWeedDelivery only offer magic mushrooms at the moment and not the edibles form of them just pure mushrooms for the people that enjoy tera or making the edibles yourself.

MyBudPlace Prices

MyBudPlace prices are a little over priced for flower, edibles, extracts. Cheapest ounce of flower being at $79 on because it is on special, most expensive ounce at $230, all other ounces priced at over $100. 1 gram of shatter is priced at $40, $5 more than YYCWeedDelivery is charging per gram. The Pricing on edibles varies between what you want and how strong you want it, MyBudPlace offers marijuana and mushroom edibles on their website, priced between $15-$75 depending if you want magic mushroom edibles or cannabis edibles.

MyBudPlace Alternative – YYCWeedDelivery

MyBudPlace is a great weed delivery service in Calgary but has a lot of cons at the same time such as delivery times and store selection for flower and other products. But a great alternative for MyBudPlace is YYCWeedDelivery offering delivery in only 1 hour and free delivery on orders $30+, really puts MyBudPlace in a bad spot as they do not offer 1 hour delivery and offering free delivery on orders $100+. YYC also has a way bigger dried flower category in out store offering way more than 8 strains on our website.

Cannabismo Alternative: Cannabismo vs YYC Weed Delivery

Cannabismo Review

Cannabismo has a huge dispensary all their customer can view on their website, giving the option to choose from dried flower, edibles, extracts, and vape pens. Cannabismo does not offer a delivery service to their customer on strictly mail order marijuana in Canada, arriving to your house between 1-5 business days from ordering, having free shippiong on orders $150+ or a flat rate of $15 to consumers that do not meet that minimum. Cannabismo offers deals on selected products around the store such as ounce deals, mix and match deals, and sampler products. The Cannabismo website does not state what their hours of operation are.

Cannabismo Dispensary

The Cannabismo website has a lot of different products for their customers to choose from, indica, sativa, and hybrid flowers, many different types of extracts and different types on edibles. Unfortunately more than half the items in each category are out of stock and do not say when they will be back in stock. Overall the dispensary has a good seclection for their consumers despite having half of the store out of stock.

Cannabismo Locations

Cannabismo does not specify a location on their website, not telling where there are located, only shipping orders to people. YYCWeedDelivery offer delivery in 90 minutes and located in the center of Calgary to ensure your order gets to your fast and efficient.

Cannabismo Weed & Products

Cannabismo offers a vast selection of different strains on their website they are selling indica, sativa, and hybrid strains, all ranging in different CBD/THC content, unfortunately a lot of strains are out of stock. Cannabismo prices for ounces are a little high offering some deals on flower and ounces, also having a mix & match deal on AAA and AAAA. Cannabismo lets you choose how much weight you want ranging from 2g-28g all ranging in different prices and some weights have a sale on the selected strain. Overall the flower section of Cannabismo is large, having pre-rolls and moonrock pre-rolls in the section as well, some item are over priced but making up for it in some deals around the store.

The concentrates section at Cannabismo is large having, shatter, live resin, vapes, hash, vapes, and more. Cannabismo has mostly shatter and hash in stock right now, having 32 different strains and brands of shatter but only have 12 in stock which makes the selection a lot smaller, most being priced at $40-$45 per gram. They also offer deals/sales on some products around the category, getting selected items at a discounted price. YYCWeedDelivery offer 22 different strains and brands of shatter, also only priced at $35 per gram. Offered at a cheaper price than Cannabismo.

Cannabismo offers candy, chocolate, gummies, and beverages in the edibles category, all having different THC/CBD content in them, also having some products on sale. Cannabismo also offers a strong edibles section in their edibles category, some products having more than 1000mg of THC. The edibles section at Cannabismo is big and has a lot of different items their customers can choose from. YYCWeedDelivery offers Forbidden Fruit gummies or Ganja edibles, having a smaller selection for their customer to choose from.

Cannabismo Prices

Cannabismo prices for ounces are a little high offering some deals on flower, ounces, and other selected item around the store, also having a mix & match deals on flower strains, meanwhile offering sales on other items around the store. They sell most ounces for over $100 unless having a deal or sale on it and shatter sells for $40-$45 a gram. YYCWeedDelivery offers cheaper ounces, and cheaper products. Selling shatter at only $35 a gram and ounces being sold at $79, it is hard to beat as a competitor to YYC

Cannabismo Alternative – YYCWeedDelivery

Cannabismo is a good dispensary despite a lot items not being in stock, they still do a goodjob at making a decent inventory for their customers. But YYCWeedDelivery is still a better dispensary offering better deals on ounces, and having a bigger selection around the store, also all items are in stock. YYC also offers a delivery service in Calgary, delivering your weed to your doorstep in 60 minutes or less, free delivery is also a lot cheaper than Cannabismo’s $150 rate, YYC has free delivery for $30+ way cheaper than what Cannabismo has to offer.

Alberta Cannabis Alternative: Alberta Cannabis vs YYC Weed Delivery

Alberta Cannabis Review

Alberta Cannabis has a vast selection for their customers choose from to choose from, even offering seeds for you to grow your own plants, also having over 1400 cannabis products in their store. Offering no sales on any products across the store, forcing the customer to pay full price. You have to sign up and verify your age before you can view the details of the product you wish to get. Alberta Cannabis offers a delivery system but does not specify when your order will arrive and they ship through FedEx and Purolator. The store is open from 8am-8pm Monday-Friday and 8am-430pm Saturday and Sunday.

Alberta Cannabis Dispensary

Alberta Cannabis offers a giant selection for their consumers to choose from, offering over 1400 products of flower, extracts, edibles, and topicals. With most items being in stock they offer over 700 options of flower to choose from, i huge selection including cannabis seeds. All pricing is fairly priced, depending on what kind of strain you want and THC/CBD Content.

Alberta Cannabis Locations

Alberta Cannabis does not have a location, only offering mail order from where their headquarters is. They use FedEx and Purolator to ship across Alberta and Canada.

Alberta Cannabis Weed & Products

Alberta Cannabis has over 700 options of flower to choose from, ranging from .5g-28g, offering different strains and THC/CBD content, also selling dried flower, pre-rolls, and seeds. They offer sativa, indica, and hybrid strains offeirng over 200 different options of each, including the seeds and pre-rolls, some strains also are duplicated across the store because they offer more than one weight for that product. The website does a good job on getting you to navigate around to find the perfect strain for you, you can filter from indica and sativa as well as terpene profiles and brand. The pricing if Alberta Cannabis is fair offering their lowest ounce for $110 and most expensive ounce being at $225.

Alberta Cannabis offers a giant variety of concentrates offering over 150 different kinds of strains including distillate, hash, keif, live rosin and resin, oils, shatter, and wax. You can only buy .5g-1g of extracts, 1g starting at $36.50 i.e. shatter. They also offer over 200 different kinds of prefilled vape cartridges, ranging in .3g-1g. Its safe top say that if you’re looking for extracts this would be the spot to go as there is no shortage at all.

The edible section of the Alberta Cannabis also offers a huge variety in their selection, offering over 200 kinds of edibles, varying in strength and pricing. Alberta Cannabis sells chocolate, candies, beverages, and baked goods. Ranging in different THC/CBD contents. At over 200 kinds of edibles they will ensure they can fix that sweet tooth and get you baked off baked goods.

Alberta Cannabis Alternative – YYCWeedDelivery

A great alternative for Alberta Cannabis is YYCWeedDelivery, YYC might not offer as many products as Alberta Cannabis but we can guarantee you will have your order just an hour after purchasing, as Alberta Cannabis offers only shipping through FedEx and Purolator. We have delivery drivers at the ready to get your order to you as fast as possilbe. YYC also offers free delivery on orders $30+.

New Leaf Alternative: New Leaf Dispensary vs YYC Weed Delivery

New Leaf Dispensary Review

Overall New Leaf Cannabis has a limited selection for their customers to choose from, they are selling, flower, extracts, edibles, and accessories. Only really offering a big selection of flower, edibles and accessories and a couple options to choose from in the CBD, extracts, and oils category on their website and in store. New Leaf Cannabis does not offer a delivery service for their products, they only offer instore pickup to the closest store to you. They have a partnership with Canna Cabana and offer a membership program on all New Leaf and Canna Cabana stores. Store hours are 10am-10pm MST and offer three stores across Calgary, two in Airdrie, and one in Cochrane.

New Leaf Dispensary

The New Leaf dispensary products vary depending on which store you choose to go to, most still having a limited selection on concentrates and oils, only offering one or two different strains. The dispensary lets you choose the weight of flower you to choose to buy, selling 1g, 3.5g, 7g, 14g, 15g, and 28g all at different pricing depending on strain and THC strength.

New Leaf Locations

New Leaf Cannabis dispensary has three stores across Calgary all stores being in the north of Calgary, two stores in Airdrie, and one in Cochrane. The partnership with Canna Cabana allows the membership program for both stores so you can consider Canna Cabana stores as well.

New Leaf Weed & Products

New Leaf Cannabis has over 100 strains to choose from at their store and website, some of which are duplicating as you can get more than 3.5g of some strains. Offering 1 gram- 28 grams, you can only get select strains by weight most being at 3.5g. The THC content of the items in stock are a little low, the highest only being 23%, and the CBD content is very limited or a 1:1 ratio. Although the website design makes it easy to navigate around to find the best strain for you, letting you choose between indica, sativa, and hybrid strains as well as letting you choose specific brand if you choose to do so. This section of the store is great for flower smokers as it has many different strains and the flower is fairly priced.

The concentrate section of this dispensary is very limited to only 6 different options of shatter, keif, wax, and a vape cartridge. Only having two different strains of shatter leaves customers in the dry with barely any selection or variety for consumers to choose from. Pricing for the shatter is also $53.99 a little more than what YYCWeedDelivery is selling shatter for a cheaper price at just $35 per pack, YYC also has a wider variety of brands and strains you can choose from.

The edible section of New Leaf has plenty to offer, involving chocolate, gummies, drinks and capsules. Although the product they do sell are low in strength only 70mg being the most they have to offer in the THC context, CBD on the other hand has an edible up to 300mg. The selection of edibles they have to offer is bigger and more vast than YYCWeedDelivery, YYC only has Forbidden Fruit THC gummies priced at $22.

The only difference from these two dispensaries are the accessories category of the New Leaf store, offering bongs, rolling papers, rolling trays, and grinders. This is something that YYC lacks as they do not offer accessories at this time, only selling cannabis and cannabis products.

New Leaf Prices

New Leaf Alternative – YYCWeedDelivery

The two different dispensaries have a lot of difference but YYCWeedDelivery coming out on top with a weed delivery service in Calgary and offering a cheaper price products to their customers. Rather than this competitor only having a wider selection of edibles and accessories, and no delivery service to offer. YYC is offering free delivery on orders $30+ and delivery to your door in 60 minutes or less.

Canna Cabana Alternative: Canna Cabana Dispensary vs YYC Weed Delivery

Canna Cabana Review

Canna Cabana has a giant selection for their customers to choose from. Even offering smoking accessories, such as bongs, dab rigs, and pipes. Although does not offer a delivery service for their products, only offering pick-up at one of their storefronts across Calgary. Canna Cabana offers daily deals on different products such as edibles, flower, and extracts, also offering a sale on other items across the website/store. Also offering a membership program where you get item at a discounted price. Store hours are 10am-12am or 2am MST depending on store location.

Canna Cabana Dispensary

The Canna Cabana dispensary offers a lot of different products for their customer to choose from, they offer flower, edibles, extracts, drinks, vapes, and accessories. Some items in their stock are out of stock or they are not selling them at the moment, some of these items are diamonds, shatter, and hash. All items are fairly priced, going for about the normal price for desired products.

Canna Cabana Locations

Canna Cabana has just about 100 stores across Canada, 22 of those store are in Calgary in the NE, NW, SE, SW and 3 stores in Airdrie. There is definitely no shortage of stores from this dispensary.

Canna Cabana Weed & Products

Canna Cabana offers a huge variety of flower at over 100 strains of flower all ranging on price, THC and CBD content. They sell sativa, indica, and hybrid strains, Canna Cabana also offers pre-rolls of select strains around the store. Although you can only order ounces for select strains, the weight of the products usually come in 3.5 grams or 7 grams. They offer the membership program on select strains to get a discounted price, also having select strains on sale around the store. They do a really good job on getting you to navigate around to find the perfect strain for you, as you can filter through sativa, indica, and hybrid strains, meanwhile giving the option to search by brand name too. Overall the flower section of this store has a wide variety of products and are fairly priced.

The concentrates that Canna Cabana has to offer are somewhat limited as they do not have shatter, diamonds, or hash for sale, but make up for it the vape categories of extracts. Offering 32 different vape cartridges, most having options of weight you can get ranging from .5 grams to 4 grams. They also sell waxes and live resin most strains are priced at $45/g. YYCWeedDelivery does not offer has many vape cartridges but has a better shatter and moonrock selection, offering 22 different strains and brands of shatter. All priced at $35 a pack, cheaper than Canna Cabanas extract options.

Canna Cabana has a wide variety of edibles, offering over 50 different kinds of gummies and chocolate, also selling THC and CBD beverages. All of these products vary in THC and CBD content as well as pricing, the member program also applies to edibles to get your items at a discounted price. The strength of the products they sell range from 2.5mg-300mg, the drinks tend to have a lower content of THC and CBD than the edibles. Currently YYCWeedDelivery only offers Forbidden Fruit gummy edibles, priced at $22.

The only thing that Canna Cabana has that YYCWeedDelivery does not is accessories such as bongs, dab rigs, bubblers, pipes, rolling trays, rolling papers, and grinders. Unfortunately they are out of stock of dab rigs and bubblers, and have a limited selection for other accessories.

Canna Cabana Prices

The pricing for Canna Cabana seems to be fair for the product you wish to order, offering the membership program to get most items at a discounted price and a sale on most categories on selected items around the website/store. Even the accessories in the store have some kind of sale or membership price. The pricing compared to YYCWeedDelivery is more than what YYC has to offer, getting ounces at $79 or more is hard to beat as a competitor to YYC.

Canna Cabana Alternative – YYCWeedDelivery

YYCWeedDelivery is the best alternaive to Canna Cabana, offering better prices on products as well as offering a delivery service in Calgary, which Canna Cabana does not. The selection and variety of some products at YYC is not as vast as the Canna Cabana store such as the vape cartridges and edibles, but using YYC you can get weed delivered right to your door in 60 minutes or less.

Canna Mobile Alternative: Canna Mobile vs YYC Weed Delivery

Cannamobile Review

Overall Cannamobile has a wide variety in their shop, ranging from flower, edibles, extracts, CBD oils, mushrooms, and more. Cannamobile also offers daily deals, everyday of the week has a different deal Monday-Sunday, every daily deal corresponds to a category for their products, ie; Monday is magic mushroom day. You must order a a minimum for them to deliver to your house, $40 for middle calgary, $70 for the outside of downtown and surrounding areas, $100 for suburbs and minimum $150 for anywhere outside of Calgary, but also offer a no delivery fee if you meet minimum. They offer same day Calgary delivery and open Monday-Sunday 9am-9pm MST.

Cannamobile Dispensary

Cannamobile offers many different strains in all of their categories, containing CBD products, concentrates, edibles, flower, magic mushrooms, pens, and pre-rolls. They have a very limited selection when it comes down to flower and are over priced. Out of the 11 strain they offer all/most cost $260 for an ounce. Outrages, that is almost full price at $10/g, even in bulk.

Cannamobile Locations

Cannamobile does not have a location, there is no guarantee on when your order will be delivered. They only state they are in Calgary. However they do offer their phone number and email as a way of contact if you inquire to do so.

YYC Weed Delivery is in the center on Calgary to ensure your orders get to your place in 60 minutes or less every time.

Cannamobile Weed & Products

Cannamobile offers flower at a high cost where all ounces are $260 a very limited stock for their customers to choose from. Only offering 11 strains, the website does state if it is an indica, sativa, or hybrid, and also offering the THC percentage on some of their strains. YYC Weed Delivery offers just about all the same strains at a way cheaper price, ie; Tuna Kush on Cannamobile is $260 an ounce where at YYC Weed Delivery Tuna Kush in only $99 for ounce. More than 50% cheaper than Cannamobile.

The concentrates that Cannamobile offers are high quality and offer a variety of concentrates you can get, they have budder, live resin, shatter, hash, and moonrocks. These products a variety of price points from $20 for hash to $70 for moonrocks. Still over priced in this section of their store; they are selling packs of 1 gram shatter for $45 where as YYC Weed Delivery is selling high quality shatter for just $35 a pack

Next we will bring you to the edibles section of Cannamobile, they have a big selection of edibles in their shop offering gummies, chocolate, and lollipops. The products THC and CBD content vary as well with the price of the products, they are selling 100mg-600mg products. The pricing for them all are not as overpriced as the last two categories I have reviewed but still not as good as YYC Weed Delivery pricing, but have a bigger selection than YYC Weed Delivery, YYC is only offering gummies at the moment.

Magic mushrooms on Cannamobile, They are selling only one strain of mushrooms called ‘Penis Envy’ at $60 for 7g. They also offer many different types on drinks, candies, pastries and capsules containing magic mushrooms. Ranging from $20-$90 depending on the potency of the product. This is where Cannamobile has YYC Weed Delivery beat, where wee do not sell magic mushrooms only cannabis and cannabis products.

Cannamobile Calgary Delivery

Cannamobile offers same day Calgary delivery and surrounding areas, you need a minimum order for them to deliver to you and increasing when you are further away from the center of Calgary. They are offering no delivery fee as long as you meet the criteria for the minimum.

YYC Weed Delivery offers same day delivery in Calgary as well but also offers 60 minute delivery anywhere in Calgary and free delivery on all orders $30 and above.

Cannamobile Prices

Breakdown of pricing between each category, just a brief thing

Cannamobile Best Alternative – YYCWeedDelivery

Overall YYC Weed Delivery is the best choice for a Calgary weed delivery service, offering better prices, better flower and concentrate selection and quicker and easier check out and delivery. YYC Weed Delivery might not offer magic mushrooms or many different edibles but definitely has cheaper pricing for all products and proves to be the quicker delivery service.

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