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*note, these are last call hours for placing your same day delivery order. Actual delivery hours may extend passed these times.


AlbertaCannabis.org Alternative: Alberta Cannabis vs YYC Weed Delivery

AlbertaCannabis.org Review

Alberta Cannabis has a vast selection for their customers choose from to choose from, even offering seeds for you to grow your own plants, also having over 1400 cannabis products in their store. Offering no sales on any products across the store, forcing the customer to pay full price. You have to sign up and verify your age before you can view the details of the product you wish to get. Alberta Cannabis offers a delivery system but does not specify when your order will arrive and they ship through FedEx and Purolator. The store is open from 8am-8pm Monday-Friday and 8am-430pm Saturday and Sunday.

Alberta Cannabis Dispensary

Alberta Cannabis offers a giant selection for their consumers to choose from, offering over 1400 products of flower, extracts, edibles, and topicals. With most items being in stock they offer over 700 options of flower to choose from, i huge selection including cannabis seeds. All pricing is fairly priced, depending on what kind of strain you want and THC/CBD Content.

Alberta Cannabis Locations

Alberta Cannabis does not have a location, only offering mail order from where their headquarters is. They use FedEx and Purolator to ship across Alberta and Canada.

Alberta Cannabis Weed & Products

Alberta Cannabis has over 700 options of flower to choose from, ranging from .5g-28g, offering different strains and THC/CBD content, also selling dried flower, pre-rolls, and seeds. They offer sativa, indica, and hybrid strains offeirng over 200 different options of each, including the seeds and pre-rolls, some strains also are duplicated across the store because they offer more than one weight for that product. The website does a good job on getting you to navigate around to find the perfect strain for you, you can filter from indica and sativa as well as terpene profiles and brand. The pricing if Alberta Cannabis is fair offering their lowest ounce for $110 and most expensive ounce being at $225.  Weed delivery Calgary is best with YYCWeedDelivery.

Alberta Cannabis offers a giant variety of concentrates offering over 150 different kinds of strains including distillate, hash, keif, live rosin and resin, oils, shatter, and wax. You can only buy .5g-1g of extracts, 1g starting at $36.50 i.e. shatter. They also offer over 200 different kinds of prefilled vape cartridges, ranging in .3g-1g. Its safe top say that if you’re looking for extracts this would be the spot to go as there is no shortage at all.

The edible section of the Alberta Cannabis also offers a huge variety in their selection, offering over 200 kinds of edibles, varying in strength and pricing. Alberta Cannabis sells chocolate, candies, beverages, and baked goods. Ranging in different THC/CBD contents. At over 200 kinds of edibles they will ensure they can fix that sweet tooth and get you baked off baked goods.

Alberta Cannabis Alternative – YYCWeedDelivery

A great alternative for Alberta Cannabis is YYCWeedDelivery, YYC might not offer as many products as Alberta Cannabis but we can guarantee you will have your order just an hour after purchasing, as Alberta Cannabis offers only shipping through FedEx and Purolator. We have delivery drivers at the ready to get your order to you as fast as possilbe. YYC also offers free delivery on orders $30+ and offers a cool tool to compare weed strains on site, in stock so you can make the best decisions.

Pre Roll Delivery Calgary

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